Board of Directors-

  • Well versed in small to mid-size business
  • Combined experience of Directors have served Local government and in Diplomacy on worldwide stage 
  • Combined expereince of Directors have served the community in non-profit organizations
  • Are advocates for Small Business, "Main Street," and emerging technologies, and foster the growth of business that uplift society
Samuel K. Burlum

Samuel K. Burlum.  Mr. Burlum is a founding member, elected to the post by the Company’s Shareholders. He is the author of the syndicated column, The Green Lane, and is the author of "The Race to Protect Our Most Important Natural Resource"Mr. Burlum, a career entrepreneur, founded his first business in 1992. As a business consultant, he continues to provide business strategy and consulting services from small to medium locally owned businesses. He has served as an officer, board member, and committee member for a number of non-profits including ISBOG of Northern NJ (2014); Spirit of the Arts Foundation (2012-2013); and Green Fleet Task Force for Sustainable Jersey (2012-2015). He currently serves as Board Treasurer for Project Help. Mr. Burlum graduated from Berkeley College with an Associate’s Degree; Mr. Burlum is a recognized public speaker, who has provided commentary in the areas of environmental, economic, and on innovation policy. He has also been featured on many radio and television programs including Today in America, hosted and narrated by NFL Football Legend Terry Bradshaw, which aired on the Discovery Channel. Burlum was named as a 2014 Unsung Hero by People of Distinction Humanitarian Foundation. He is currently authoring the book, "LIfe in the Green Lane-in Pursuit of the American Dream."

Mark Ringen

Mark Ringen.  Mr. Ringen oversees and advises the Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. Tech Department, and assisted in the launch of the current national service model for installing and servicing the SMART Emissions Reducer.  Mr. Ringen has developed effective installation techniques for fuel economy and emissions retrofits.  He has researched and developed parts, components, and processes that assist alternative/green fuel delivery systems ability to function for automotive applications.  Mr. Ringen has an impressive 25 year involvement in the professional Dirt Track racing circuit, as a driver, car owner, and crew chief, through designing and building winning race engines and chassis.  He acquired much experience as a technician, service manager, and specialist in the car dealer network.  He completed the General Motors Automotive Mechanics Training, and the Fisher Body Training Department.  Mr. Ringen has designed state-of the-art automotive security system and anti-carjacking devices, as well as provided consulting services focused on diagnosis and repairs of automotive computer and electrical issues.  He presently serves as S of L Vice-Commander of American Legion Post #289, assisting with Veteran’s needs, fund-raising, and community events.

Philip Castleberg

Philip Castleberg.  Mr. Castleberg has instituted business practices that create value in the Company, including the crafting of equitable operating agreement, tax filing compliance, and the proper securing of intellectual property rights.  Mr. Castleberg is the President of SMART Air Fuel Saver LLC., as well as holds his post as an Owner in multiple health care facilities.  Using his experience in creating innovative business models and new age facilities in senior health care, he has been able to bring to the table practices that provide for stronger reporting and transparency in Extreme's operations.  He has experience in alternative fuel delivery systems for the automotive aftermarket industry as an owner of a distribution firm, that also took part in manufacturing components.  Mr. Castleberg graduated from Southern Adventist University with a BA in History, Religion, and Education.  He Attended Fredrick Community College where he graduated with a AA in Nursing, and attended San Bernardino Valley College becoming a licensed Airplane Mechanic.

Francis Okelo

Francis Okelo.  Mr. Okelo is a former United Nations Special Envoy and Ambassador. He served as Deputy United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process in Israel and with the Palestinian Authority in Gaza. Earlier, he was UN Special Envoy to Sierra Leone (West Africa) where he successfully mediated a peace agreement, ending a 9-year old civil war in that country. He was also Deputy Head of the the UN Special Mission to Afghanistan (1991-1997). Originally from Uganda, Mr. Okelo was ambassador to the European Union, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Kenya. He is experienced in diplomacy and international affair, traveled widely and met several world leaders. Educated in England (UK), Uganda and US, Mr. Okelo is a graduate of the then University of East Africa at Makerere (Uganda), in economics, history, philosophy and, subsequently specialized in diplomacy and international relations. He is a current member of the Rotory Club in the community where he currently resides.


Steve LaValley.  Mr. LaValley is currently on the Board of Directors for R L Gaines Investments LLC (R L Gaines Investments LLC is a group that is invested in Extreme Energy Solutions Inc.), and is leading up the formation of the Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. Advisory Board.  Mr. LaValley comes with a performing arts background. He has had a career as recording engineer, and had the opportunity to work with clients such as Yoko Ono, Aerosmith, other prominent celebrities, and local radio media. He is a recognized Performing Artist, beginning his music career in the mid 70’s, where he won Entertainer of the Year in 1976 from the Eastern States Country Music Awards, while demonstrating his talents on nationwide tour with the band Luke Tower and the CRB Express. Mr. LaValley has performed and shared his talents with many local and regional artist, has created and provided content for several businesses, digital media, and political campaigns for use in marketing and advertising pieces. He has facilitated and serviced functions and events held at Southeastern Massachusetts University, as well as private events for private businesses, non-profit causes, and political conventions. Mr. LaValley, began a non-profit corporation known as The Growth Center Inc., where it was his responsibilities were to set up and organize the company’s charter and by-laws.

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