Extreme Energy Solutions Inc.
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Providing Environmental and Economic Sustainability Through Innovation That Redefines Incremental Savings.



 About Our Company

Samuel K. Burlum, NJEF

Our Mission...To provide environmental and economic sustainability through innovation that redefines incremental savings.  It is because we know the time has come for our human family to experience a more prosperous lifestyle, and that the innovation is available to make that happen today. We are driven to set new standards in which the world does business, that creates value that enhances local communities.  Our products and services are there to be of value to society, lessening the impact on the environment for generations to come, while also providing a reasonable return on investment.  We believe in transparent business practices, that translate into protecting the best interest of all stakeholders we effect. We also believe that by being of service to others, we can create wealth, health, and peace.

Our Vision...To see a SMART Emissions Reducer on every internal combustion engine in the world.    Between on road vehicles, off-road vehicles, rail, and specialty equipment that utilize the internal combustion engine as their power plant, we will reduce harmful emissions while lessening our dependence on fossil fuels, without having to re-invent the wheel.  SMART Emissions Reducer is a simple retrofit device, that can easily be integrated into the production of internal combustion engines.  SMART provides the platform for engine and vehicle manufactures to begin the trend of meeting Green House Gas (GHG) and Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, without the high cost of research and engineering.  Our ability to service such an industry will result in putting thousands back to work in both the OEM and aftermarket segments.  When people have jobs they can be proud of, and stand behind the products and services they provide, Main Street begins to regain its strength; and that is just one of our many value creating products. Extreme Kleaner and Extreme Xtra also can provide for economic opportunity with our strategic distributor model.  We are proud to partner with folks who share for our vision.

Made in the USA

Our History...We come from Main Street, not Wall Street.  Our founders are as close to Main Street as they get.  Beginning as local business owners and local dirt track stock car competitors, the founders have evolved into respected leaders in the environmental community.  From their humble start in a two car garage then moving to a 10,000 square foot plus Technical Campus, Extreme did something that is very rare.  They kept true to their roots and expanded their business on Main Street, understanding the value of community and seeing the potentail of a start-up company's positive effect as it transistions into a future fortune 500 contender.  By working with like minded individuals that hold wholesome the same old fashion values and morals, Extreme continues to build value.  Today Extreme has spread its positive influence to include strategic partnerships to other environmentally friendly enterprises now a part of its corporate family.